I am the proud owner of a Havanese. Most people see my adorable fluffy dog and ask if she is “this kind of dog” or “that kind of dog”…..then I tell themshe is a Havanese and 99% of the time I get a confused look and they say “What is a Havanese?” So here are some pictures and a video of what a real Havanese looks like. We have always kept Lola in a pretty short coat but we decided several months ago to let it grow out so here she is! Feel free to ask any questions about the breed! We are happy to talk about our experience with our lovely little Lola!


 The hair of the Havanese is supposed to cover their eyes. They are a breed originally from Cuba and the hair offers protection from the sun! I think it makes her look like a miniature Sheepdog! ha ha!

 She decided I wasn’t very good at styling her hair and she could do a much better job by giving herself a good old fashioned SHAKE!

 This will give you a little perspective on how small she is. She weights about 10 lbs. Most Havanese weigh anywhere between 8-12 lbs. She looks bigger because she is so fluffy.